In case you want to fix a bug or extend the functionality of TraqBio this page describes how to get started.

Get the TraqBio source code

Download the TraqBio source code via git:

git clone

Building TraqBio

The TraqBio application can be assembled using the Clojure build tool Leiningen. To install Leiningen download the lein script, make it executable and place it on search path so that a Linux shell or the Windows command line tool can find it. Leiningen installs its dependencies on its first run.


TraqBio is build by running the uberjar task of Leiningen within the TraqBio directory:

lein uberjar

Leiningen will download all required dependencies of TraqBio and build a jar containing the complete application in target/traqbio-1.3.8.jar.


If you are new to Clojure and unsure which development environment you should use, then we recommend IntelliJ IDEA with the Cursive Clojure plugin. IntelliJ IDEA has a free community edition and Cursive has a free license “for non-commercial use, including personal hacking, open-source and student work”.

With IntelliJ IDEA and Cursive installed, you can just open the TraqBio project and start development. The user guide of Cursive will help you getting started.

New TraqBio features or bug fixes

We are of course interested to integrate bug fixes into TraqBio. So let us known about bugs on the issue tracker on Github. Bug fixes can be submitted as pull requests on Github.

If you develop new features for TraqBio, you can also submit them via pull requests on Github.