Scripting API

This page describes the Scripting API of TraqBio which can be used by external programs to interact via TraqBio. This API is still work in progress. Currently, the available operations allow the implementation of automated work steps in projects.

The Scripting API is implemented as a RESTful web service. Hence, external programs are not required to run on the TraqBio server and can be implemented in any programming language.

The programs must use a valid TraqBio user account. It is recommended to create a dedicated account so that changes of the program can be traced in the timeline view of TraqBio.


This section describes the available operations in general and provides usage examples for shell scripts. In the shell script examples the program curl and the variable $OPTS will be used:

# use -k only if a self-signed certificate is used
OPTS="-f -s -k -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt"

The cookies.txt is used to keep session information between the single invocations of curl. It is assumed that your TraqBio instance is accessible at https://traqbio.your.domain.tld (TraqBio as Subdomain). The TraqBio as Subdirectory and TraqBio Standalone setups work analogously.


First a program is required to post a login request:

POST https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/login?username=USER&password=PW

Provided that the user account name is stored in $USER and the password in $PW a login request via curl looks as follows:

curl $OPTS "https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/login" -X POST --data-urlencode "username=$USER" --data-urlencode "password=$PW"

After a successful login the session will be stored in the cookies.txt as specified in $OPTS and used for every subsequent call.

List Projects

The list of active projects can be read with the following request:

GET https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/api/active-project-list

This returns a list of project ids separated with a newline character \n.

The curl invocation is the following:

curl $OPTS "https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/api/active-project-list"

Query Active Project Step

The query whether a given project step STEPNAME of a given project id PID is currently the active step that needs to be worked on is done via this request:

GET https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/api/project/PID/is-active-step?name=STEPNAME

If the step is the active step of the project, then its id will be returned. Otherwise, it will return an error.

With curl the invocation is the following:

curl $OPTS "https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/api/project/$PID/is-active-step" -G --data-urlencode "name=$STEPNAME"

The error message in the case where step $STEPNAME is not the active step of project $PID is shown on the standard output when -f is removed from the options $OPTS passed to curl.

Download Sample Sheet

The sample sheet of a project PID can be downloaded with the following request:

GET https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/api/project/PID/sample-sheet

The sample sheet download with curl into a file samplesheet.csv is done as follows:

curl $OPTS "https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/api/project/$PID/sample-sheet" -o samplesheet.csv

If there is no sample sheet in the given project, then no file will be downloaded. The error message will be shown, when -f and -o samplesheet.csv are removed from the curl invocation.

Finish Project Step

A project step STEPID of a project PID can be marked as finished via this request:

POST “https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/api/project/PID/finish-step/STEPID

Furthermore, the attributes of that work step might be changed as well.

POST “https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/api/project/PID/finish-step/STEPID?description=DESCR&freetext=TEXT&advisor=ADVISOR

To finish a step and modify its attributes, the following curl invocation can be used:

curl $OPTS -X POST "https://traqbio.your.domain.tld/api/project/$PID/finish-step/$STEPID" --data-urlencode "description=$DESCR" --data-urlencode "freetext=$TEXT" --data-urlencode "advisor=$ADVISOR"

Complete Example

The exemplary shell script shows the general layout of an automated work step using the Scripting API:



# use -k only if a self-signed certificate is used
OPTS="-f -s -k -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt"


# login
curl $OPTS "$SERVER/login" -X POST --data-urlencode "username=$USERNAME" --data-urlencode "password=$PASSWORD"

for pid in $(curl $OPTS "$SERVER/api/active-project-list")
	echo "Active project:" $pid
	# detect whether the step with the specified name is the active step
	stepid=$(curl $OPTS "$SERVER/api/project/$pid/is-active-step" -G --data-urlencode "name=$STEPNAME")
	if [ $result -ne 0 ]
		echo "Step \"$STEPNAME\" is not the active step of project $pid."
	echo "Active step \"$STEPNAME\" of project $pid has id $stepid."
	# get sample sheet
	curl $OPTS "$SERVER/api/project/$pid/sample-sheet" -f -o $SAMPLESHEET
	if [ $result -ne 0 ]
		echo "Project $pid has no sample sheet."
		# we decide to continue if there is no sample sheet
	echo "Sample sheet downloaded to $SAMPLESHEET."
	# do some analysis based on sample sheet
	# on success finish the active step
	curl $OPTS -X POST "$SERVER/api/project/$pid/finish-step/$stepid" --data-urlencode "description=Sophisticated analysis" --data-urlencode "freetext=Done. Results are available at ...." --data-urlencode "advisor=John Doe"
	if [ $result -ne 0 ]
		echo "Marking step $stepid of project $pid as finished failed!"
		echo "Step $stepid of project $pid has been marked as finished!"